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Website Development

Business is booming in the website development world, and Mid-South Web Development, LLC is here to provide your web development needs. We're an affordable solution for all kinds of web projects, from dynamic, database-driven sites with user personalization & authentication to plain, static brochure-style sites. We've got you covered if you want your site to run with a healthy dose of javascript animation, or if efficiency and functionality is your primary need.

  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Pay-as-you-go billing
  • Front-end display talent
  • Database and backend functionality
  • Unit, browser, and feature testing

Our Services

Web Applications

Web apps are completely customizable websites that can do nearly anything. They save and load data, allowing for a user experience with personalized content. Online stores that require buying & selling capabilities, e-commerce, user forums, or any site that requires sign-ups and log-ins require a web app.

Static Websites

Websites that do not require users to log in are static websites. Static websites display the same content to all guests, often for informational purposes. News websites, restaurants with menus and locations, tourism info, and school district announcement websites are all examples.

Responsive Design

All our websites are built to look great on any screen size. Whether using a big screen, mobile device or a smart phone, our websites look amazing. Try resizing your browser to see how this site always stays looking great!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When search engines return results for web traffic, we want to be at the top. Check out two of our projects that return #1 SEO results: The Degree Tracker and Extension Student Forum.

Full-Stack Web Development

From the servers to the backend framework to the frontend user experience, we've got all the HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql and Javascript needed to get our websites running. We automate database backups and configure our websites so that we get the data we need.

Modern, cutting-edge technologies

We'll use the right tool for the right situation. This often means Laravel, Digital Ocean, Bootstrap and the Vue JavaScript framework. We also like WordPress, Craft, Drupal, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and JQuery. In other words, we make great technical decisions.

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Jr. Web Developer

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